1700s             Mostly migrant pearl diving, fishing and trading settlements along the coast.

­1867               Conflict with Bahrain over territory. Doha virtually destroyed as a result.

Britain signs a treaty recognising Qatar as a separate entity, rather than a        dependency of Bahrain.

1871-1913      Turkish Ottoman Garrison stationed in Qatar.

1916                Britain takes control of Qatar’s external affairs in return for military                          protection.

1939               Oil discovered.

World War 2 delays the development of the oil fields.

1950               Oil funds expansion and modernisation of Qatar’s infrastructure.

1968               Britain withdraws.

Qatar, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates form a federation.

1971               Independence.

1972               In-fighting in Ruling Family ends in a Palace Coup.

Khalifa bin Hamed Al Thani takes power.

1990              First Iraqi War.

Iraq invades Kuwait.

Qatar allows foreign troops on its soil and helps to liberate Kuwait.

1995               Defense Minister and Armed Forces Commander, Sheikh Hamad bin                         Khalifa Al Thani, deposes his father in a bloodless coup.

1996               Al-jezeera TV News Network begun.

1999               Beginning of democratisation process.

Municipal Elections are the first democratic poll since 1971.

Women are allowed to vote and stand for office.

2001               Qatar settles territorial disputes with Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

2002-2003   Second Iraqi War.

US Regional Central Command Military Bases in Qatar.

2003              The Emir names his younger son Tamin as Crown Prince, replacing Prince                         Jassim.

2005              First Written Constitution and some democratic reforms.

Advisory council to consist of 30 elected members and 15 members appointed directly by Emir.

2008              Saudi Arabia and Qatar resume diplomatic relations.

2008              Christian Church built in Doha. Christians are allowed to worship openly.

2011               The Arab Spring.

Al-jezeera, as one of the few uncensored TV networks in the Middle East         provides coverage of events to the entire region.


Qatar alone among Arab nations, provides warplanes to ensure UN  sanctioned no-fly zone, and openly supplies arms to Anti-Gaddafi Forces.

2013               First National Legislative Elections due.

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We are 3rd year Interior and Environmental Design Students at DOJCAD, at the University of Dundee.
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