Geography of Qatar

Located in the middle east, bordering Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf, Qatar is a very small country, similar to the size of the kingdom of Fife in Scotland. The landscape is largely of baron sand deserts with only 1.64% of land actually arable. The climate in the summer months is very hot and humid reaching temperatures  40 + degrees Celsius. The winter months experience arid but mild pleasant winters with lows  of 12 degree Celsius, and highs near 25 degree Celsius.


The population of Qatar is 1.7 million recorded in 2010. the population more than doubled from the last census in 2004, being a direct result form the introduction to expats entering the country. only a mere 200,000 Qataris are based in Qatar. Qatar’s natural resources are petroleum, natural gases and fish. its is because of the discovery of oil in the region that has caused a recent surge in expats working in Qatar. The capital is Doha and most of the population resides in the capital.


About Frances and Kyle

We are 3rd year Interior and Environmental Design Students at DOJCAD, at the University of Dundee.
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