We have now put some initial design concepts under the ‘concept development’ tab, please feel free to leave comments as we would welcome your feedback – good or bad.

About Frances and Kyle

We are 3rd year Interior and Environmental Design Students at DOJCAD, at the University of Dundee.
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  1. aquapio1629 says:

    In my opinion, the flame and the screens ideas are the best. The flame has very nice implications and connotations. It speaks for a lot of things. This is, I find, a bit problomatic. Because I think a concept should very specific and communicates a very specific message or theme about the country, and some of the meanings attributed to the flame are shared by many cultures. It is more of a universal theme or symbol.

    The idea/concept behind the screens is very interesting and strong. It very much relfects the reality. How everyone views Qatar in a different way depending on his/her background, beliefs…..Definitely, the concept can be explored more deeply leading to profound conclusions.

    PS: Nice mindmapping bubbles Kyle.


  2. Frances and Kyle says:

    Thanks for the comment.
    We have now virtually decided to go with the Sidra Tree image because that is the logo of the Qatar Foundation – which we are designing for. However we want to make the form as a translucent screen of geometric elements – see some of the images I’ve uploaded tonight.
    Afraid the bubbly mindmaps are mine!

  3. aquapio1629 says:

    Nice Bubbles Frances

  4. aquapio1629 says:

    Why did you choose Qatar Foundation? and the Sidra Tree

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