These designs struck us because of they are modern, vibrant and very expressive. With their bold colours and striking geometries they could each represent a modern take on Traditional Islamic Art and Design.

DIGITAL ORIGAMI was made from only 2 differently shaped recycled cardboard modules by 25 UTS Master Class Students with Chris Bosse. The vibrant changing coloured lighting effects were by ERCO. Organic and geometric, it almost has a crystalline appearance, and reminds me of Maqarnas domes. Part of the beauty come from its organic composite nature.

MAXIMILIAN’S SCHELL was designed by Ball Nogues, inspired by the character played by Maximilian Schell in the film ‘The Black Hole’. The material used is tinted Mylar, internally reinforced with Nylon and Kevlar fibres. Both transparent and reflective, the golden metallic finish offers good UV-resistance. Each unique CNC cut ‘petal’ connects with its neighbours with 3 clear polycarbonate rivets. Externally the surface is smooth, but through the effects of gravity the petals curve downwards on the internal surface. We particularly like the way the coloured light casts geometric patterns on the floor beneath and how separate entities work together to make up the whole.

LIQUID SKY also designed by Ball Nogues, is more tent-like in structure. It again uses multi-coloured Mylar petals that cast coloured shadows.

HOLIDAY HOME by  UNStudio struck us because of its vibrant colour and strong geometry.


About Frances and Kyle

We are 3rd year Interior and Environmental Design Students at DOJCAD, at the University of Dundee.
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