Please answer the following questions and ask family and friends to do likewise, and either post your responses on your blog or, if you prefer to remain anonymous, email them to us at .

Name (optional)





What do you think are the most important aspects of Qatari Culture and Identity?







How do you feel about the way Qatar has changed and is developing?







How would you like to see Qatar change in the future?







Thank you, for your time.


  1. aquapio1629 says:

    Name: Amani Abbara
    Age: 19
    I am from Syria but I was born in Qatar and spent my whole life here. I have studies in Arabic governmental schools for 6 years then went to an independent school for my last years of study (the difference between those two is that governmental schools, as its title suggests, are ruled by the government and all of them give the same curriculum. All of the studies were taught in Arabic in addition to English language classes which was introduced later in 2004 or closer to that. Independent schools function differently. Scientific subjects are taught in Egnlish while literature and humanities in Arabic. In addition to that every school governs itself and it is directed by Supreme Educational Council. )

    Qatari Cutlure is evolving into a globalized culture that blends the means and beliefs of the past with the foreign lifestyle and views. It is more or less in a state of unbalance. It is hard for them to find the delicate lines between the two. In general, they adopt the internationl influence superficially without cautiously considering the reasons or motivations. The depend on foreigners to do most of their work and then become immensely proud of it. The identity is somewhat lost. You are respected for you nationality and nothing else.

    It pretty much depends on your way of defining development. For me, development is strengthening the sense of self-importance through learning and being open-minded, it is about forming a civilization that is concerned with justice and knowledge and not with money and mere appearances. I don’t feel anything becasue I am not part of this development. I am just an observer who is supposed to be impressed.

    I sinerely don’t care.


    • Frances and Kyle says:

      Thank you very much Amani, i found your response very interesting and helpful. Myself and Frances have replied to your questionnaire, if you are still unsure about any of our answers please feel free to question us on them and we will try and give a better explanation.

      thanks again, Kyle 🙂

  2. aquapio1629 says:

    Just a reminder. Would you please answer our questions about Scottish culture. It is under: communicating across: concrete expressions.


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